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Bowery Boys, The Dead End Kids, The Little Tough Guys, The Eastside kids Movie Collections

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This Bowery Boys, Eastside Kids, Dead End Kids & Little Tough Guys Movie Collection Contains 91 Full Length Movies In 1 Collection

This Bowery Boys, Eastside Kids, Dead End Kids & Little Tough Guys Movie Collection contains 4 Volumes.

Each volume is sold separately

Volume I contains 22 Full Movies WITH more than 23 1/2 hours Of Great Viewing 

Volume II contains 23 Full Movies With Almost 26 hours Of Great Viewing

Volume III contains 23 Full Movies With Almost 24 1/2 hours Of Great Viewing

Volume IV Contains 23 Full Movies With Almost 25 Hours Of Great Viewing

These Are All In Their Original Black & White Or Color

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The Dead End Kids, The Little Tough Guys, The Eastside, And The Bowery Boys Where All The Same Kids. The Difference Was The Studio Name. “The Dead End Kids” Originally Appeared In The 1935 Play Dead End. Samuel Goldwyn Turned The Play Into A 1937 Film, And Recruited The Original “Kids” From The Play (Leo Gorcey, Huntz Hall, Bobby Jordan, Gabriel Dell, Billy Halop, And Bernard Punsly) To Appear In The Film. This Led To The Making Of Six Other Films That Shared The Collective Title “The Dead End Kids” At Goldwyn. In 1938, Universal Launched Its Own Tough-Kid Series, “Little Tough Guys.” Gradually, Universal Recruited Most Of The Original Dead End Kids, So The Series Ultimately Featured “The Dead End Kids And Little Tough Guys.” Universal Made Twelve Feature Films, And Three 12-Chapter Serials With The Gang. When Warner Brothers Released The Remaining Dead End Kids From Their Contracts In 1939, Producer Sam Katzman At Monogram Acted Quickly And Hired Several Of Them, Including Jordan And The Gorcey Brothers, Leo And David, As Well As Some Of The Little Tough Guys, Including Hally Chester, To Star In A New Series Using The Team Name “The East Side Kids.” These Films Also Introduced ‘Sunshine’ Sammy Morrison, One Of The Original Members Of The Our Gang Comedy Team, As Part Of The Gang. The Original Members Of The “Dead End Kids” Were Now Working At Several Studios, So These Films Were Made At The Same Time That Universal Was Making “The Dead End Kids” And “Little Tough Guys” Series. A Total Of 21 Films Were Made. In 1945, When East Side Kids Producer Katzman Refused To Grant Leo Gorcey’s Request To Double His Weekly Salary, Gorcey Quit The Series, Which Then Ended Immediately. Bobby Jordan Then Suggested A Meeting With His Agent, Jan Grippo. Grippo, Gorcey, And Hall Formed Jan Grippo Productions, Revamped The Format, And Rechristened The Series The Bowery Boys. (The Earlier Films’ Credits Appear As “Leo Gorcey And The Bowery Boys”.) Gorcey, Who Owned 40 Percent Of The Company, Starred, Produced, And Contributed To The Scripts. The New Series Followed A More Established Formula Than The Prior Incarnations Of The Team, With The Gang Usually Hanging Out At Louie’s Sweet Shop (At 3rd & Canal St.) Until An Adventure Came Along. The Complete Bowery Boys, Eastside Kids, Dead End Kids & Little Tough Guys  Movie Collection Contains Movies That You Might Not Have Heard Of Before But They All Are Movies With Bowery Boys, Eastside Kids, Dead End Kids Or Little Tough Guys.

The list of movies in this collection can be found below.


                        Movie List

                          Volume I

Name                                                      Year

Angel’s Alley                                           1948

Angels With Dirty Faces                          1938

Block Busters                                           1944

Blonde Dynamite                                     1950

Blues Busters                                            1951

Blonde Dynamite                                      1950

Blues Busters                                             1951

Bowery Battalion                                       1951

Bowery Blitzkrieg                                       1941

Bowery Bombshell                                     1946

Bowery Boys Hard Boiled Mahoney           1947

Bowery Buckaroos                                      1947

Bowery To Bagdad                                     1955

Boys Of The City                                         1940

Clancy Street Boys                                      1943

Clipped Wings                                            1953

Code Of The Streets                                   1939

Crazy Over Horses                                      1951

Dig That Uranium                                        1956

East Side Kids                                              1940

Fighting Fools                                             1949

                                Volume II

Fighting Trouble                                         1956

Flying Wild                                                  1941

Ghost Chasers                                             1951

Ghosts On The Loose                                  1943

Hell’s Kitchen                                               1939

Here Come The Marines                              1952

Hit The Road                                                1941

Hold That Hypnotist                                     1957

Hold That Line                                              1952

In Fast Company                                           1946

In The Money                                                1958

Jail Busters                                                    1955

Jinx Money                                                    1948

Jungle Gents                                                 1954

Junior G-Men                                                1940

Kid Dynamite                                                1943

Let’s Get Tough!                                            1942

Little Tough Guys                                           1938

Live Wires                                                      1946

Lucky Losers                                                  1950

Master Minds                                                1949

Million Dollar Kid                                          1944

Mob Town                                                     1941

                              Volume III

Mr Muggs Rides Again                                  1944

Mr Wise Guy                                                  1942

Mug Town                                                      1948

Neath Brooklyn Bridge                                   1942

Newsboys’ Home                                           1939

On Dress Parade                                            1939

Pride Of The Bowery                                      1940

Private Eyes                                                    1953

Smart Alecks                                                  1942

Smugglers’ Cove                                            1948

Spook Busters                                                1946

Spooks Run Wild                                           1941

Spy Chasers                                                   1955

That Gang Of Mine                                        1940

The Bowery Boys In High Society                  1955

The Bowery Boys In Loose In London           1953

The Bowery Boys In Jalopy                           1953

The Bowery Boys In Paris Playboys              1954

The Bowery Boys In Spook Chasers             1957

The Bowery Boys In Triple Trouble               1950

The Bowery Boys Meet The Monsters          1954

They Made Me A Criminal                           1939

                            Volume IV

Bowery Champs                                                    1944

Call A Messanger                                                  1939

Come Out Fighting                                                 1945

Crashing Las Vegas                                               1956

Dead End                                                              1937

Docks Of New York                                              1945

Feudin’ Fool                                                         1952

Follow The Leader                                               1944

Give Us Wings                                                      1940

Hold That Baby                                                     1949

Hot Shots                                                               1956

Keep Em Slugging                                                1943

Lets Go Navy!                                                       1951

Looking For Danger                                            1957

Mr Hex                                                                 1946

Mr Muggs Steps Out                                              1943

News Hounds                                                        1947

No Holds Barred                                                   1952

Spook Chasers                                                       1957

Triple Trouble                                                       1950

Trouble Makers                                                   1948

Up In Smoke                                                         1957

You’re Not So Tough                                            1940

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