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World War II Movie Collections

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World War II Movie Collection contains Seven (7) Volumes

Each Volume is Sold Separately

Volume I Contains 17 Movies with More Than 28 ½ Hours of great viewing

Volume II Contains 17 Movies with Almost 30 ½ Hours of great viewing

Volume III Contains 17 Movies with More Than 27 Hours of great viewing

Volume IV Contains 17 Movies with Almost 31 3/4 Hours of great viewing

Volume V Contains 17 Movies with More Than 29 ½ Hours of great viewing

Volume VI Contains 17 Movies with Almost 31 ½ Hours of great viewing

Volume VII Contains 17 Movies with More Than 31 Hours of great viewing

These Are The Original Movies In Original Black & White Or Color

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The World War II Movie Collection Contains Movies That You Might Not Have Heard Of Before But They All Are Movies About World War II. There Are More Than 210 1/2 Hours Of Great Viewing Contained In This 119 Movie Collection.

The list of movies in this collection can be found below.


                            Movie List

Name                                                           Year

                           Volume I

633 Squadron                                                             1964

A Bridge To Far                                                           1977

A Yank In Libya                                                           1942

Above & Beyond                                                        1952

Action In Arabia                                                          1944

Aerial Gunner                                                             1943

Against The Wind                                                       1948

Air Cadet                                                                     1951

Air Force                                                                      1943

Airborne                                                                      1962

American Guerilla In The Philippines                          1950

Angels One Five                                                          1952

Appointment In London                                             1953

Armored Command                                                    1961

Away All Boats                                                            1956

Back To Bataan                                                           1945

Bataan                                                                        1943

                               Volume II

Battle Of Bloody Beach                                              1961

Battle Of Britain                                                          1969

Battle Of The Bulge                                                    1965

Battleground                                                              1949

Betrayed                                                                     1954

Bombardier                                                                1943

Breakthrough                                                             1950

Candlelight In Algeria                                                1944

Commandos Strike At Dawn                                      1942

Confessions Of A Nazi Spy                                         1939

Corregidor                                                                  1943

Corvette K-225                                                           1943

Crash Dive                                                                  1943

Darby’s Rangers                                                         1958

Desperate Journey                                                     1942

Dive Bomber                                                              1941

Edge Of Darkness                                                      1943

                                 Volume III

Destination Tokyo                                                      1943

Escape Of The Birdmen                                              1972

Fighter Squadron                                                       1948

Fireball Forward                                                         1972

First Yank Into Tokyo                                                 1945

Flemish Farm                                                             1943

\Flight Command                                                       1940

Flight Nurse                                                              1953

Flying Tigers                                                             1942

Go For Broke                                                            1951

God Is My Co-Pilot                                                   1945

Guadalcanal Diary                                                    1943

Gung Ho                                                                   1943

Hell Boats                                                                 1970

Hell To Eternity                                                         1960

Hellcats Of The Navy                                                1957

High Flight                                                                1957

                              Volume IV

I Wanted Wings                                                        1941

In Harms Way                                                           1965

Kelly’s Heros                                                             1970

Manila Calling                                                           1942

Marine Raiders                                                          1943

Midway                                                                     1976

Mosquito Squadron                                                  1969

Mystery Sea Raider                                                   1940

Nazi Agent                                                                1942

Never So Few                                                            1959

No Man Is An Island                                                 1962

Northern Pursuit                                                       1943

Objective Burma                                                       1945

One Of Our Aircraft Is Missing                                 1942

Operation Pacific                                                      1951

Operation Petticoat                                                  1959

Operation Secret                                                      1952

                               Volume V

Orders To Kill                                                            1958

Patton                                                                       1970

Reach For The Sky                                                    1956

Red Ball Express                                                       1952

Run Silent Run Deep                                                1958

Sands Of Iwo Jima                                                    1945

Sink The Bismarck                                                     1960

Ski Troop Attack                                                        1960

So Proudly We Hail                                                   1943

Stalag 17                                                                   1953

Submarine Alert                                                        1943

Submarine Command                                               1951

Submarine Seahawk                                                  1958

Task Force                                                                  1949

The Battle Of Coral Sea                                             1959

The Battle Of The River Plate                                    1956

The Bridge At Remagen                                            1969

                               Volume VI

The Dam Busters                                                       1955

The Devil’s Brigade                                                   1968

The Dirty Dozen                                                        1967

The Eternal Sea                                                         1955

The Fighting Seabees                                               1944

The Frogmen                                                            1951

The Gallant Hours                                                    1960

The Great Escape                                                     1963

The Guns Of Navarone                                            1961

The Last Escape                                                       1970

The Lion Has Wings                                                1939

The Man Who Never Was                                       1956

The Mountain Road                                                1961

The North Star                                                        1943

The Paratrooper                                                      1953

The Screaming Eagles                                             1956

The Sea Shall Not Have Them                                1954

                              Volume VII

The Way To The Stars                                              1945

They Raid By Night                                                  1942

They Were Expendable                                            1945

Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo                                      1944

To Hell & Back                                                         1955 T

obruk                                                                     1967

Tora Tora Tora                                                          1967

Torpedo Run                                                            1958

Twelve O’clock High                                                1949

Underground                                                           1941

Unpublished Story                                                   1942

Von Ryans Express                                                   1965

Wake Island                                                             1942

Where Eagles Dare                                                  1968

Wing & A Prayer                                                     1944

Wings Of The Navy                                                 1939

Yangtse Incident (The Story Of Hms Amethyst)      1957


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