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Sci-Fi SPACE Movie Collection

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This SCi-FI Space Movie Collection Contains 66 Full Length Movies In 1 Collection

The SCi-FI Space Movie Collection Is Being Sold In Three (3) Volumes

 Each Volume Is Being Sold Separately

These Are All In Their Original Black & White Or Color

Volume Original Contains 18 Movies With More Than 20 ½ Hours Of Great Viewing

Volume II Contains 24 Movies With More Than 36 Hours Of Great Viewing

Volume III Contains 24 Movies With More Than 32 Hours Of Great Viewing

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The Complete Sci-Fi Space Movie Collection Contains Movies That You Might Not Have Heard Of Before But They All Are SCI-FI Space Movies.

The list of movies in this collection can be found below.


                 Movie List

Name                                         Year

20,000 Leagues Under The Sea            1954

Conquest Of Space                              1955

Destination Moon                                1950

Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde                             1941

Earth Vs The Flying Saucers                  1956

Forbidden Planet                                  1956

Invasion Of The Body Snatchers           1956

Journey To The Center Of The Earth     1959

On The Beach                                       1959

The Blob                                               1958

The Day Of The Triffids                         1962

The Day The Earth Stood Still               1951

The Invisible Man                                 1933

The Monolith Monsters                       1957

The Time Machine                               1960

The War Of The Worlds                       1953

Them                                                   1954

When Worlds Collide                          1951


 12 TO THE MOON                                                                1960

20 MILLION MILES TO EARTH                                         1957

2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY                                                  1968

BEYOND THE TIME BARRIER                                         1960

COUNTDOWN                                                                      1968

COUNTERBLAST                                                                 1948

DESTINATION INNER SPACE                                           1966

DEVIL GIRL FROM MARS                                                 1954

FIRE MAIDENS OF OUTER SPACE                                  1956

FIRST MAN INTO SPACE                                                   1959

FIRST MEN IN THE MOON                                                1964

FLIGHT TO MARS                                                               1951

HAVE ROCKET, WILL TRAVEL                                       1959

HORRORS OF THE RED PLANET                                     1965

IT CAME FROM OUTER SPACE                                        1953

IT CONQUERED THE WORLD                                          1956

JOURNEY TO THE FAR SIDE OF THE SUN                    1969

JULES VERNE’S ROCKET TO THE MOON                      1967

LOST PLANET AIRMEN                                                     1951

MAN IN THE MOON                                                            1960

MAROONED                                                                         1969

MARS NEEDS WOMEN                                                      1968

MASTER OF THE WORLD                                                 1961

SPACE PROBE TAURUS                                                     1965


MISSILE TO THE MOON                                                    1958

MISSION MARS                                                                   1967

MOON ZERO TWO                                                              1969

MUTINY IN OUTER SPACE                                               1965

NUDE ON THE MOON                                                        1961

ON THE THRESHOLD OF SPACE                                     1956

ONCE IN A NEW MOON                                                     1934

PROJECT MOON BASE                                                       1953

RIDERS TO THE STARS                                                     1954

ROBINSON CRUSOE ON MARS                                        1964

ROCKETSHIP X-M                                                               1950


SPACEWAYS                                                                        1953

THE ANGRY RED PLANET                                                1959

THE DAY MARS INVADED EARTH                                 1963

THE LOST MISSILE                                                             1958

THE PHANTOM PLANET                                                   1961

THE STRANGE WORLD OF PLANET X                           1957

THINGS TO COME                                                               1936

VISIT TO A SMALL PLANET                                             1960


VOYAGE TO THE PREHISTORIC PLANET                        1965

WAR OF THE SATELLITES                                                1958

X THE UNKNOWN                                                              1956



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