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Biographies Science & Invention Movie Collection

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Biography Science & Invention Movie Collection Contains 15 Full Length Movies In 1 Collection

These Are All In Their Original Black & White Or Color

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The Science & Invention Biography Movie Collection Contains Some Movies That You Might Not Have Heard Of Before But They All Are Science & Invention Biography Movies. There Are More Than 24 Hours Of Great Viewing For Your Enjoyment Contained On These 15 Great Movies In This Science & Invention Biography Movie Collection.

The list of movies in this collection can be found below.


                                 Movie List


Dr Erhlich’s Magic Bullet 1940 Is About Dr Paul Erhlich A German Physician And Scientist Who Worked In The Fields Of Hematology, Immunology, And Antimicrobial Chemotherapy. He Is Credited With Finding A Cure For Syphilis In 1909. He Invented The Precursor Technique To Gram Staining Bacteria.

Edison The Man 1940 And Young Tom Edison 1940 Was An American Inventor And Businessman Who Has Been Described As America’s Greatest Inventor. He Developed Many Devices In Fields Such As Electric Power Generation, Mass Communication, Sound Recording, And Motion Pictures. These Inventions, Which Include The Phonograph, The Motion Picture Camera, And The Long-Lasting, Practical Electric Light Bulb. He Also Established The First Industrial Research Laboratory.

Gallent Journey 1946 About Early U.S. Aviation Pioneer John Joseph Montgomery In His Efforts To Build And Fly Gliders.

Little Old New York 1940 Tells The Story Of The Hardships Of Engineer Robert Fulton In Building The First Successful Steam-Powered Ship In America.

Madame Curie 1943 Was A Polish Naturalized French Physicist & Chemist Who Conducted Pioneering Research On Radioactivity.

The Adventures Of Marco Polo 1938 Follows The Travels Of Italian Merchant, Explorer, And Writer Marco Polo Through Asia Along The Silk Road.

The Flying Irishman 1939 Is About Douglas Corrigan’s (Better Known As Wrong Way Corrigan) Unofficial Transatlantic Flight The Previous Year In A Dilapidated Curtiss Robin Light Aircraft.

The Girl In White 1952 Tells The Story Of Pioneering Female Surgeon Emily Dunning Barringer.

The Spirit Of St Louis 1957 Is About Charles Lindburgh History-Making Transatlantic Flight.

The Story Of Alexander Graham Bell 1939 The Man Who Invented The Telephone.

The Story Of Louis Pasteur 1936 Renowned For His Discoveries Of The Principles Of Vaccination, Microbial Fermentation, Pasteurization Breakthoughts In The Causes And Prevention Of Diseases, And For Creating The First Vaccines For Rabies And Anthrax.

The White Angel 1936 Is The Story Of Florence Nightingale’s Pioneering Work In Nursing During The Crimean War.

Wings & The Women 1942 Is About Aviator Amy Johnson Who Was A Pioneering English Pilot That Was The First Woman To Fly Solo From London To Australia.

Yellow Jack 1938 Tells The Story Of Major Walter Reed Of The Us Army Who Worked To Diagnose And Treat Yellow Fever (Called “Yellow Jack”).

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