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Alan Hale Jr Movie Collection

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Alan Hale Jr Movie Collection Contains 38 Full Length Movies In 1 Collection

The Alan Hale Jr Movie Collection Is Being Sold In Two (2) Volumes

Volume I Contains 19 Movies With Almost 35 1/2 Hours Of Great Viewing

Volume II Contains 19 Movies With Almost 35 Hours Of Great Viewing

These Are The Original Movies In Original Black & White or Color

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The Complete Alan Hale Jr Movie Collection Contains Movies That You Might Not Have Heard Of Before But They All Are Movies Starring Or With Alan Hale Jr.


The list of movies in this collection can be found below.


Name                                           Year

Volume I

A Man Alone                                               1955

Advance To The Rear                                  1964

All American Co-Ed                                    1941

All Mine To Give                                       1957

At Sword’s Point                                        1952

Battle Hymn                                                1957

Bullet For A Badman                                   1964

Captain John Smith And Pocahontas             1953

Captain Kidd And The Slave Girl                 1954

Destry                                                         1954

Eagle Squadron                                           1942

Hang ‘Em High                                            1968

Home Town Story                                      1951

Honeychile                                                  1951

It Happened On Fifth Avenue                       1947

It Happens Every Spring                              1949

One Sunday Afternoon                                 1948

Rim Of The Canyon                                   1949

Rogue Cop                                                 1954

Volume II

Rubber Racketeers                                       1942

Spirit Of West Point                                     1947

Springfield Rifle                                          1952

The Big Trees                                             1952

The Blazing Sun                                          1950

The Crawling Hand                                     1963

The Gunfighter                                            1950

The Indian Fighter                                       1956

The Killer Is Loose                                      1956

The Lady Takes A Flyer                               1958

The Man Behind The Gun                           1953

The Sea Chase                                             1955

The True Story Of Jesse James                    1957

The Underworld Story                                  1950

The West Point Story                                   1950

To The Shores Of Tripoli                             1942

Up Periscope                                               1959

Wait Till The Sun Shines, Nellie                  1952

Young At Heart                                           1954

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