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Western Movie Serial Movie Collection

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Western Movie Serials Movie Collection Includes All 49 Full Length Movies In 1 Collection

The Western Movie Serial Movie Collection Is Being Sold In Seven (7) Volumes

Each Volume Is Being Sold Seperately

Volume I Contains 6 Movies With More Than 21 Hours Of Great Viewing

Volume II Contains 6 Movies With More Than 21 Hours Of Great Viewing

Volume III Contains 7 Movies With Almost 26 Hours Of Great Viewing

Volume IV Contains 7 Movies With Almost 31 Hours Of Great Viewing

Volume V Contains 7 Movies With More Than 22 Hours Of Great Viewing

Volume VI Contains 8 Movies With Almost 22 1/2 Hours Of Great Viewing

Volume VII Contains 8 Movies With More Than 31 Hours Of Great Viewing

These Are The Original Movies In Original Black & White or Color

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Western Movie Serials Movie Collection Contain Movie Serials. Yes, Right The Movie Serials That You Used To See In The Theatre Along With The Cartoons And The Newsreels Before The Featured Film. Yes, These Are The Original Western Movie Serials. All Of The Individual Movie Serials I Am Offering Are Complete (Meaning They Contain All Of The Chapters Originally Made For The Specific Movie Serial).

The Movie Serials Were Placed In Specific Genre (Categories) Determined By Each Movie Studio (Not Me). I Have Collected Hundred And Sixty Three (163) Different Movie Serials (From What I Have Observed One Of The Largest If Not The Largest Movie Serials Collections). The Serial Genres Are “Adventure”, “Aviation”, “Crime”, “Fantasy”, “Jungle”, “Maritime”, “Northern”, “Railroad”, “Sci-Fi”, “Sports”, “Spy & War”, “Superheros”, And “Westerns”.

I Have Removed All Of The Redundant Credits And Coming Attractions From Each Full-Length Serial And Put The Chapters Together As A Single Film. The Chapter Numbers And Names Still Remain At The Beginning Of Each Chapter. The Picture Quality Ranges From Tolerable To Excellent

The list of movies in this collection can be found below.


Name                                   Year      Chapters

Volume I

Adventures Of Red Ryder              1940 12 Chapters

Battling With Buffalo Bill              1931 12 Chapters

Flaming Frontiers                          1938 15 Chapters

Man With The Steel Whip             1954 12 Chapters

Riders Of Death Valley                 1941 15 Chapters

Zorro’s Black Whip                       1944 12 Chapters

Volume II

Fighting With Kit Carson              1933 12 Chapters

Raiders Of Ghost City                   1944 13 Chapters

The Law Of The Wild                    1934 12 Chapters

The Lone Ranger                           1938 15 Chapters

The Painted Stallion                       1937 12 Chapters

The Phantom Empire                     1935 12 Chapters

Volume III

Zorro Rides Again                         1937 12 Chapters

Zorro’s Fighting Legion                 1939 12 Chapters

The Vigilantes Are Coming           1936  12 Chapters

Mystery Mountain                         1934 12 Chapters

Winners Of The West                    1940  13 Chapters

Overland Mail                               1941  15 Chapters

The Miracle Rider                         1935  15 Chapters

Volume IV

Black Arrow                                 1944  15  Chapters

Custer’s Last Stand                        1936  15  Chapters

Daredevils Of The West                 1943  12  Chapters

Deadwood Dick                             1940  15  Chapters

Desperadoes Of The West             1950  12  Chapters

Gordon Of Ghost City                    1933  12  Chapters

Heroes Of The West                    1932  12  Chapters

Volume V

Jesse James Rides Again               1947  13  Chapters

King Of The Texas Rangers          1941  12  Chapters

Mystery Of The River Boat          1944  13  Chapters

Rin Tin Tin                                  1931  12  Chapters

Son Of Geronimo                         1952  15  Chapters

Son Of Zorro                                1947  13  Chapters

The Adventures Of Frank And Jesse James  1948  13  Chapters

Volume VI

Ghost Of Zorro                             1949  12  Chapters

The Devil Horse                          1932  12  Chapters

The Indians Are Coming               1930  12  Chapters

The James Brothers Of Missouri     1949  12  Chapters

The Last Frontier                          1932  12  Chapters

The Last Of The Mohicans           1932  12  Chapters

The Lone Defender                       1930  12  Chapters

Wild West Days                             1937   13 Chapters

      Volume VII

Roar Of The Iron Horse                1951  15  Chapters

The Lone Ranger                         1938  15  Chapters

The Oregon Trail                          1939  15  Chapters

The Phantom Of The West           1931  10  Chapters

The Red Rider                              1935  15  Chapters

The Three Musketeers                  1933  12  Chapters

The Vanishing Legion                  1931  12  Chapters

The Vigilante                                1947  15  Chapters

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